HOUSTON - At the Breakfast Klub near downtown Houston, they're serving up good, old-fashioned comfort food and a side of politics to voters ready for the election to finally be over.

"There's not a lot of excitement about it, but we know we have to vote," said voter Ronnie Johnson. The talk around the table captures the mood of black voters across the country.

"Right now it's just mudslinging, no one wants to get out and vote," said voter Tekesha Hubbard. Polling shows a majority of black voters don't support Trump, older black voters tend to back Clinton.

"I really like Hillary, and I love Bill," said one voter.

But it's their children, millennials that love Obama, but so far still aren't sold on Clinton. Part of the problem is President Obama isn't on the ballot anymore. Still, President Obama's traveling the country trying to get them out for her anyway.

So far, the rallies and speeches are falling short. Black turnout is down in key states. That's a worrisome sign for the Clinton campaign.

"For the sake of Obama's legacy come out and vote," said another voter. With six days to go, the African American community is trying to re-energize itself in support of a candidate that many just aren't in love with.

"As the great Oprah Winfrey said, she's not going to come visit you, you don't have to like her," said one woman. "You just have to love democracy."

Historically, if African American voter turnout is high, Democrats win. If turnout is low, Republicans win. Here in Harris County voters don't have to ID by race on voter registration applications, so there are no updated numbers of African American voter turnout locally.