Early voting polls opened in Harris County at 8 a.m. Monday.

According to a new CBS News tracking poll, here in Texas, 59 percent of likely voters say they plan to cast their ballots early.

That same CBS News poll shows Donald Trump in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton, up 46 percent to 43 percent.

"Hillary Clinton is not going to the win the state, but the chances of her doing so are not remote, and they were remote three weeks ago," said Bob Stein, KHOU political analyst.

VOTER GUIDE: Everything you need to know

At the West Gray Multi-Service Center near Montrose, voting machines are ready for voters first thing in the morning. Texans will have 12 days to cast their ballots at one of a record 46 early voting locations in Harris County. A record-breaking 15 million people are registered to vote in Texas, so Stein recommends not waiting until last minute.

"I suspect lines are going to be long," Stein said. "My advice to voters is to vote early, that way you can always come back if you don't have the right ID."

Early voting numbers from other battleground states show Democrats with an early edge. Stein expects to see that trend continue here in Texas.

"Republicans don't have a really extensive ground game," Stein said. "Some of the candidates do like Mr. Hickman and Michael Sullivan, but I don't see any evidence that there's a real mobilization on the Republican's part."

Trump's unpopularity coupled with a rise in Hispanic voters could bode problematic for down ballot races in Harris County. Republican District Attorney Devon Anderson is down to Kim Ogg in recent polling, she's hoping she can mount a comeback despite the Trump effect at the top of the ticket.

"I expect Democrats to have a really good day," Stein said.