The “dump Trump” campaign is still in full swing more than a week after the presidential election. Now, some are pressuring official electors to change their votes.

“I’m a presidential elector for the state of Texas,” said Houston area accountant Landon Estay.

His role in this year’s election is getting him a lot of attention.

“I’ve received about a hundred emails a day asking me not to vote for Trump,” said Estay. “Please reconsider the election,” “dump Trump,” and “hear our plea” are among the subject lines in recent emails Estay no longer reads.

“After the first 50, I couldn’t keep up,” said Estay.

Estay is one of 538 electors nationwide who will meet in their respective state capitals on December 19th cast ballots as part of the electoral college process.

Laws in 29 states require electors to vote for the candidate who carried their state.But Texas is not one of them.

“There is nothing by statute, from my understanding, that binds me to Trump and Pence,” said Estay. “But I did sign an affidavit with the Republican Party of Texas that says I will vote for the nominee.”

“Donald Trump won this election by the rules of the constitution,” said KHOU political analyst Bob Stein.

Stein says Clinton’s win of the popular vote, resulting unrest over Trump’s win, and elector pressure proves it’s not your normal election.

“So, if you said to me “is there a chance that the electoral college on the 19th of December will vote and not produce either a winner or Donald Trump?” said Stein. “I’d say it’s remote but I wouldn’t rule it out as an impossibility.”

Estay says he’s heard from Democrats and Republicans alike hoping to sway him.

“I never expected this whenever I became an elector,” said Estay.

Estay supported Marco Rubio in the primary. He became an elector through a state party race.

Democrats had electors in case Hillary Clinton had carried the state.