Donald Trump stumped at a private event in San Antonio Tuesday on a two-stop Texas tour. Meanwhile, the state’s senior U.S. Senator stood behind him during a luncheon in Houston.

“I’ll support the nominee of my party,” said Sen. John Cornyn.

A number of Republican colleagues in the House and Senate have pulled their support of Trump following the recent release of lewd comments regarding women.

Cornyn himself sent a critical tweet over the weekend.

Donald Trump apologizes in Facebook video for lewd comments.

“I am disgusted by Mr. Trump's words about women: our daughters, sisters and mothers," Cornyn tweeted.

“I’m disappointed by the race to the bottom that this presidential campaign has become,” said Cornyn following Tuesday’s event.

We asked Cornyn if he’d considered exiting the Trump train.

He said his support hasn’t changed.

“I’ll support Mr. Trump and his race for the presidency because I care about the Supreme Court,” said Cornyn. “I care about the stranglehold that cabinet officials and regulations have put on our economy."

Like others in Tuesday's audience at the Greater Houston Partnership luncheon, Cornyn said Trump's words may routinely be offensive and unacceptable.

But there's no alternative at this point, politically.

“His comments were bad and I don’t support his comments,” said Republican Nancy Williams. “But I will not support the liberal side."

“I think we’re going to have to see how the election comes out and deal with the circumstances no matter what happens,” said Cornyn.

Democatic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was at the same event.

She said Trump disgraced 51% of Americans with his comments and applauded Republican colleagues for withdrawing support.