HOUSTON- The third and final presidential debate is Wednesday, Oct. 19. Two of the topics will include immigration and the Second Amendment.

KHOU 11 took a look into where each candidate stands on these issues.


Hillary Clinton wants to lay out a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. She defends President Obama's executive actions, but wants to take it a step further by closing immigrant detention centers.

Donald Trump wants to build that border wall and make local governments keep suspected illegal immigrants in jail if they're arrested. He says he will also send home undocumented immigrants with a criminal record.

"We'll build a great wall along the southern border and Mexico will pay for the wall.”

Trump said immigrants and refugees would be allowed but must first pass a rigorous vetting process.

Second Amendment

"A majority of Americans and a majority of gun owners believe in comprehensive background checks,” said Clinton. “They believe in the right of individuals to have guns as I do, but they believe along with me that we should not let guns fall into the wrong hands of people who will use them to kill other people."

Clinton wants to expand background checks and keeps guns out of the hand of criminals. She wants to close gun show and internet sales loopholes.

Trump who has been endorsed by the NRA said he will enforce laws on the books. He
supports a national right to carry and says concealed-carry permits should be issued and valid in any state.

He also wants to expand background checks, but he hasn’t specified how he plans to do that.