Immigration reform in Texas will be happening sooner rather than later if Senator Charles Perry has anything to say about it.

Tuesday, Perry filed SB 4, legislation aimed at getting rid of sanctuary cities in the state by requiring that local governments and law enforcement agencies enforce immigration laws without a question.

“By electing a Republican president and Republican majorities in Congress, the American people made it clear that solving our illegal immigration crisis must be a priority,” said Senator Charles Perry.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick agrees with Perry's sentiments, stating it's one of his top 10 priorities to eliminate sanctuary cities from the state.

“No city in Texas should be allowed to ignore the law. We will end this practice once and for all this session," said Patrick.

This isn't the first time Perry has brought anti-sanctuary city legislation to the table. In 2015, his SB 185 bill had the same end goal to eliminate sanctuary cities, but it died in the senate. Perry states SB 4 will help decrease the criminal alien population on Texas streets.

“I have no doubt that with the help of my colleagues in the Texas Legislature, we will pass this bill," said Perry.

However, Travis County Sheriff-elect Sally Hernandez has other plans for the city of Austin and the county. According to the Texas Tribune, part of Hernandez's running platform mentioned removing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE from the county jail. She also stressed she won't hold inmates for ICE before federal agents try to move them out of the country.

By Hernandez's near 30 percent win over GOP opponent Joe Martinez in the November primary, it could be implied Hernandez's ideals lineup with most in the county.

Consequently, the decision to go against ICE comes at a price. According to a release from Perry, in July, the U.S. Department of Justice ruled they would disqualify sanctuary cities from receiving government grants from them.