With Trump and Clinton nearly neck and neck in Texas, KHOU 11 News is looking at how voters feel about other hot button issues.

Our exclusive Texas Tegna poll uncovered, just because it's a close race here in Texas doesn't mean voters are throwing away conservative values.

As the countdown to Election Day heats up, voters in Texas are as divided as they've been in two decades.

"I believe Hillary and the people that's backing Hillary would be a better platform for America as a whole," said Timothy Woods, a Clinton supporter.

"He's the only one I believe has the guts to stand up to the politicians," said Geni Manning, a Trump supporter.

The last time it was this close was in 1996, when Bob Dole won Texas but lost the White House to Bill Clinton.

"I did not think a week ago there was any chance Texas would go Democratic. Do I think there's a chance? Yes. Do I think it's likely? No," said Bob Stein, KHOU Political Expert.

However, could it shift how voters feel about hot button issues? Survey USA asked 700 people in Texas three issue-based questions.

First, should transgender students be able to use the restroom with which they identify? Thirty eight percent of those surveyed said yes and 54 percent said no.

Second, how important is it to you that a candidate for president release his or her tax returns? Forty Four percent said very, 19 percent said somewhat, 20 percent said not very and 15 percent said not at all.

The final issue-based question, should refugees from places such as Syria be allowed to resettle in Texas? Thirty four percent said yes and 54 percent said no.

"When you start seeing your presidential candidate lose voters in his own party, it opens the door to other opportunities for voters," said Stein.

Harris County Republican leaders called the survey results not surprising. They told KHOU 11 News the party is still aggressively focusing on local races that have far more impact on people's lives than Washington, D.C.