HOUSTON – Cameras caught thieves breaking in to a man's vehicle and stealing $2,000 in Christmas gifts for his wife.

The victim thought it was safe hidden in his pick-up truck inside a gated garage. Instead, criminals may have followed him from the store, police said.

Surveillance cameras captured the theft. It happened downtown in a parking garage at Smith and Lamar around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

A man smashed a truck window then stole a computer hidden in the backseat. Investigators said the suspects possibly followed the victim as he left the Apple store in Highland Village.

Using a costumed “Grinch,” Houston Police posted a video on YouTube of a mock theft, the kind they see happening in parking lots, near gas pumps and garages around the city.

“(Thieves are) looking for easy prey, easy targets,” Chief Art Acevedo said during a news conference last week. “They're looking for people who think they can just put their packages on the seat and put a towel over it. That's called a clue for the crook. They know exactly what they're looking for.”

HPD's list of shopping do's and don'ts posted on their website includes advice to never leave expensive buys inside vehicles. Instead, they encourage shoppers to take those items home as quickly as possible.