JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Twas the week before Christmas, and in a Florida town, a bad Santa was arrested when his pants fell down.

OK so the good news -- it wasn’t’ the real Santa. It was just a guy dressed in a Santa suit who police said was selling drugs from a U-Haul in Jacksonville.

Investigators said Isaac Geiger was seen by the door of the U-Hail in a parking lot wearing the jolly old elf suit, complete with hat and white beard.

When he saw police, investigators say he ran from the parking lot. Police started chasing Geiger, who tripped over his Santa pants and fell down.

While on the ground, he reportedly resisted arrest briefly before police were able to get him in handcuffs.

Police said they found a found a plastic baggie in Geiger’s pants, along with a sum of cash.

After police stood him up to search him again, they said he took off running and was tackled.

A search of the U-Haul turned up marijuana, a scale with marijuana residue and a black pouch containing MDMA on the driver’s seat. There was also a bucket with more marijuana, Molly, ecstasy and money.