HOUSTON – Freezing temperatures cost some homeowners thousands of dollars after their exposed pipes burst.

Village Plumbing took calls for help all day Saturday.

“Everybody, I think, in Houston has got some plumbing issues going on as far as busted pipes, no water and they’re a little bit panicked because they’re not used to this,” said Kerri Miller of Village Plumbing.

Employees blew off tempting Texans playoff tailgates to work.

“All of our guys are running right now,” said Thomas Faterkowski, Chief Administrative Officer for the company. “They’re booked throughout the evening. This will probably run into tomorrow as well.”

By noon, their plumbers replaced and insulated at least 50 pipes and saw countless more frozen.

“In some instances, we’ve got to just let mother nature take her course and let the temperatures go up,” said one plumber.

A temporary warm-up helped things thaw slowly, though, for some homeowners, it came too late.