It's the great American past time, football.

And it's what the Martinez family is passionate about.

Justin Martinez says"He's a blast. He's a blast to watch."

Everything was normal this football season until one play changed the Martinez Family forever.

Miranda Martinez says,"At that point he completely was knocked out unconscious"

14-year-old Dylan Martinez was playing for Hudson Middle School in Sachse in the last game of the season. A hit shattered his vertebrae and he suffered brain trauma.

Miranda Martinez says, "He finally came to and he knew I was there and he said mom help me."

That was two weeks ago and today Dylan is in pain.

"It hurts. My head hurts a lot. My eyes hurt," he says.

It's Dylan's third concussion in three years.

His father Justin Martinez says, "When the first one happened it wasn't this serious."

His parents say they kept letting him play because he loves the game that he's been playing since Kindergarten.

Dylan Martinez says,"Once I step onto a football field everything is different."

News 8 has extensively reported on traumatic brain disease caused by repeated concussions.

Some experts say repeated injury can leave players debilitated for life.

The Martinez family says they know about the studies and have some of the best doctors helping them.

They haven't made a decision if Dylan will ever play again but they say they will support him if he heals 100 percent and wants to get back on the grid iron.

His mother says, "Some people may criticize me but I am going to back my son."

Dylan's parents say the key is to let his brain heal slowly even if it takes a year or two.

Dylan Martinez says,"Of course I still think I am going to be able to play again by next year."

The Martinez family says it's the love of family, faith and football that keeps them together and will help Dylan recover one step and one day at a time