Many Nottingham Forest residents were finally able to access their homes Saturday for the first time since the Hurricane Harvey flooding.

Entire subdivisions were blocked and barricaded with checkpoints manned by both neighbors and state troopers. Only residents and approved work crews were allowed entry.

Scattered debris from the homes’ interiors along with antiques were stacked in piles atop what were once manicured lawns.

Neighbors make a clear distinction, saying they were not victims of the flood waters that came from Hurricane Harvey, but that they were the victims of the water released from the dams.

Worst of all, they say it happened without warning.

“We got no notification,” said Nottingham Forest resident Sally Smith.

They say the water rushed into their homes like a surge in the middle of the night; allowing them no time to plan; no time to evacuate before the water reached their doorsteps; no time to protect even their smallest, sentimental items from their homes.

“I understand it completely, they kind of had to sacrifice us to save the dam or they were worried about the dam breaking, so they had to release to our homes,” Smith said. “But they should’ve told — we would’ve bought flood insurance had we been in the flood plain.”

The body of a man was finally recovered by members of the HPD dive team on Friday from a home two miles from Nottingham Forest.

Dive team members had attempted to reach the home for a recovery operation on two prior occasions but were never able to safely reach the residence.