The Christmas spirit has arrived in Fort Bend County’s Pecan Grove neighborhood as holiday lights dance on homes and glitter on trees. However, there’s something here even more beautiful that the shimmering displays.

“I'm so blessed,” said Wanda Moore, who has lived in the neighborhood for two decades. “I feel like it's the light of the world. Even when it's not Christmas.”

Like so many others in the neighborhood, every year she decorates but this year though, a surgery changed that.

“I was going to have a dark yard with no lights. I have been praying that God would send me somebody to do this for me.” she said.

Her prayer was answered by Joe Williams, Troy Weatherford and his son, Gavin who, on Friday, spent the day going home to home putting up decorations for those who needed a helping hand.

Thanks in part to the local Ace Hardware who donated decorations.

“We had a couple people today who called and said they needed help so that's what we've been doing” Williams explained.

“The second house that we did,” added Weatherford, “she had lost her husband not too long ago.”

The Christmas lights of Pecan Grove are well known around the area. Every year people from around Houston make their way to the neighborhood and tour the lights via hayrides.

“In my brother’s words,” said 12-year-old Gavin Lakes, “it looks magical and I think I could say the same thing.”

That magic goes beyond the lights though as soon they’ll be packed away until next December, but the love of thy neighbor, will shine through year-round.

“Oh! It's gorgeous,” Moore said looking at her decorated home. "Makes me want to cry. Lifts my spirits… I needed that.”