GALVESTON, Texas – Some drivers in Galveston are running stop signs without even realizing it.

Drivers on the island are worried someone might get hurt because of a dangerous problem at a neighborhood intersection.

Two overgrown bushes make the stop sign at 40th Street and Sealy almost impossible to see.

A woman who lives in that area told KHOU 11 News, she often watches cars cruise past the sign and through the intersection, adding she’d seen a few crashes there too.

The Galveston city manager’s office told us maintaining the right of way falls under the responsibility of the connected property owner, citing a local city ordinance.

KHOU 11 tried to contact the owner but it turns out the property belongs to a corporation outside of Chicago and their voicemail was full when we called.

Galveston has this number, 409-797-3630, people can call to report the problem but it would only mean a ticket for a code violation.