HOUSTON - Neighbors living in a west Houston suburb say their property has fallen prey to thieves.

Homeowners in Stonehenge are calling them looters, claiming they return to take property at night after they had been advised to leave earlier in the day.

Stonehenge resident Story Sloane says he has had approximately $3,000 in property stolen from his front porch and yard. He says they were items he had intended to keep but had set them out to dry.

Sloane says the problem rests with the Stonehenge Homeowner’s Association which he claims has been reluctant to provide a full time security guard to monitor the private neighborhood overnight.

A Stonehenge HOA board member told Sloane and KHOU 11, a security guard would be provided by 9 p.m. on Saturday to keep non-residents from entering the neighborhood.

KHOU 11 never observed a security guard on site at that time.

For residents who have already witnessed so many of their memories washed and faded by the floodwaters, seeing more of them disappear by the day, is enough to bring them to tears.

The Stonehenge HOA president said in a voicemail message to KHOU 11 that the association is working on finding a guard for the neighborhood as the cleanup continues.