BOSTON (CBS) – The Girl Scouts of America asked parents to not make their daughters give hugs or kisses to relatives if they don’t want to.

The headline of the controversial blog – “Reminder: She doesn’t Owe Anyone a Hug. Not Even at the Holidays.”

It discourages parents from pressuring their daughters to hug adults when they’re not comfortable.

“I think it’s totally appropriate and normal,” said Victoria Bacanurschi. “I have three children, two girls and a boy, and they always hug and kiss their parents, their grandparents, relatives, when they get something or they haven’t seen each other in a while.”

The blog resonated with others differently.

It’s convinced Stephen Wigler from Newton Centre to change his ways.

“I never thought about it before but they’re absolutely right,” said Stephen Wigler. “It made me feel, just different about the way I hug my four nieces whom I love very much. I will ask them first on Thursday if they mind.”

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