Coconut, the white, fluffy kitten found off Bayshore Drive on Sunday in Naples, turned into an internet sensation this week.

Naples Cat Alliance President Megan Sorbara rescued Coconut, who was in rough shape, and her two brothers — Praline and Pistachio — after receiving a message that the 2-week-old kittens were in distress.

The two tabby brothers were found wrapped around their trembling sister. Coconut can barely walk and has a severe head tilt to the left, but seems to be eating like normal.

The story was picked up by several pet media sites, like The Dodo — "Sick Kitten Is Getting Better Every Day … Because Of The Dog Who Loves Her" — and Love Meow — "Kittens Found Wrapped Around Their Trembling Sister, Keeping Her Safe."

Sorbara said a Japanese TV station is scheduled to come visit the Naples Cat Alliance next week.

"It brings awareness to our organization, and who doesn’t need that," she said.

Each night this week Sorbara and her team has returned to Bayshore Drive to try and catch the mother with various traps, even tempting her with her own kittens.

"She's over it by now. ...She could care less."

The Naples Cat Alliance will care for the litter until they're old enough to be spayed and neutered and eventually put up for adoption. Sobara thinks it could be a while; Coconut and her brothers are small for their age, so it could be another two or three months before they're ready for a furever home.

Cat lovers have already offered to adopt Coconut. Sobara hopes the siblings can stay together.

In the meantime, Sorbara's dog, Bitsy, has adopted the litter as her own, encouraging Coconut to stretch out, while Sobara has been massaging her head.

The kittens are now staying at a veterinarian clinic to check their health and find out what's wrong with Coconut.

"She’s getting around and eating," she said. "All of her other functions are normal. I’m hoping it’s something she might just grow out of."

Bitsy, Megan Sorbara's dog, has adopted Coconut and her brothers as her own. (Photo: Megan Sorbara/Contributed)