An emergency medical technician in New York City died Thursday after being hit by a stolen ambulance, according to the New York Post and the New York Daily News.

The New York City Police Department said officials planned to hold a press conference at a hospital in the Bronx to give the public details on the incident.

Shortly after 7 p.m., two emergency medical technicians with the Fire Department of New York stopped their ambulance and got out to try and intervene when they saw a man trying to rob someone, the Post reported.

The alleged robber hopped into the ambulance, drove straight into an EMT and then put the ambulance in reverse, crushing the other EMT, a woman, the Post reported.

The second EMT fell under the ambulance and was dragged for several feet, Fox5 reported.

Both EMTs were taken to Jacobi Medical Center, where the woman who was struck died, the Daily News reported. The other EMT was being treated for severe head trauma, according to the Daily News.

The driver crashed into a parked car, pushing it onto the side walk, and a transit officer in the area ultimately captured him, the Post reported.

Press representatives for Mayor Bill de Blasio did not immediately respond to an email requesting details.

The media relations representative at Jacobi Medical Center could not immediately be reached.