ROSWELL, Ga. -- Tragedy struck on Thanksgiving day when a mother of two was found dead after days of searching.

Jameca Price's two young daughters, the two just 12 and 13 years old, got worried when their mother never came home Tuesday night. So, on Wednesday, family filed a missing person report with Roswell police.

That search led them to the home of Price's estranged husband. When police arrived, nobody answered the door but neighbors said they saw her car outside. So officers got a warrant to go in.

There on the second floor, police found Price's body. Police couldn't say how she died, but a report describe marks around her neck.

Police immediately took out murder warrants for 38-year-old Orland Price, Jameca's estranged husband.

Orlando Price, Jemeca Price’s estranged husband, and suspect in her death investigation. ( DeKalb Police Dept.)

On Friday, Jameca's oldest sister, Shantre Allison, spoke to 11Alive by phone from New York.

“The past few days have been hell,” she said.

Jameca and Orlando Price had been married for 16 years raising their two daughters.

But the sister said their relationship had long been an abusive one. Allison said Orlando had even threatened to kill her sister.

“Not surprised at the outcome,” she said. “Just knowing him and his history and the things they’d already been through – I’m not surprised.”

Jameca worked in real estate and had a tax and accounting business. But for years, she had her goals set on a law degree.

In 2014, she got that degree – a dream sparked at childhood by her love of Nancy Grace.

“Every night she would watch Nancy Grace and imitate the different things Nancy Grace would say,” Allison said.

Allison said her sister got the courage to leave the marriage back in July. But she returned to the home that she and her husband once shared to get paperwork for her car.

Now, Jameca’s family - the brother, sisters, mother and daughters she leaves behind – have a message for anyone who may know where to find her killer.

“Put yourself in our shoes,” her sister said. “Put yourself in the shoes of her two young daughters and just do the right thing.”

According to records, the two had a court date Wednesday but never showed up.

If you have information on his whereabouts, contact the police at (678) 406-7929.