Cars as far as the eye can see. Hundreds and hundreds of people filed down C.E. King Parkway for something that’s become a rarity after the storm: meat.

It's all thanks to the Houston Food Bank.

“If you’re able to just put a smile on their face, this is priceless for me,” said volunteer coordinator Lucia Bates.

Some of the people that went through the line were overcome with emotion, because for many, the meat means the first hot meal they’ve had in days. The neighborhood is still largely without power, but many still have access to a grill.

People like Rosalva Gonzalez.

“She says she is overwhelmed because she’s never asked for help. She’s never received any help. When she came here, to see that we are giving her so much, to see that this community are giving her a lot to take pack to her family that has nothing, it just overwhelmed her,” the mother and grandmother said through a translator, as she wiped tears from her eyes.

For others that were lucky enough not to lose their homes, there are still financial burdens.

“I was off work for a week, a whole week, and wasn’t getting any money in, so the meat is going to help a whole lot,” Currie Moore said. He got in the mile-long line after he got off work and waited quite some time.

As for the more than 20 volunteers, they tell said they’re just happy to be able to help.