GALVESTON, Texas -- Do you recognize this ring?

Somebody lost what appears to be a diamond wedding band during the Fat Tuesday parade at Mardi Gras! Galveston.

Justin Morgan, a Galveston resident, says the ring was stuck on some beads he caught.

He believes the owner was riding a parade float Tuesday night.

“I was catching beads. Whenever I caught it, I held it for a second. Then I threw it on, and about that time, I felt something on it. I scraped it and it fell down. I realized it was a ring on it,” Morgan said.

Now he’s desperately trying to get it back in the right hands. He shared a picture of the ring on Facebook. By Thursday afternoon, it had been shared more than 16,000 times.

However, the Galveston man says he’ll need proof before he hands the ring over.

“A lot of people, for an engagement ring or a wedding ring, you’d have a picture standing at the altar or something. Maybe a receipt. There are just ways,” Morgan said.

Morgan, who is happily married, explained why he’s taking this case of lost and found so seriously.

“You take an oath, a wedding band connects you and your soul mate,” Morgan said.

If you know who the ring belongs to, you can email