HOUSTON - A man hid from police under a parked car before being arrested for allegedly knocking out a woman in a random attack.

Sidney St. Jules is accused of attacking a woman in broad daylight near Discovery Green on Thursday. The victim was walking with three other women on La Branch street when St. Jules darted across the street toward them.

He walked by the women then turned around and hit one of them in face with a closed fist.

Harris County Precinct 1 Deputy Robert Johnson says the attack was completely unprovoked and a possible resurgence of the vicious "Knockout Game."

"You usually see something leading up to it...some pushing or some arguing so it kind of caught me off guard." Johnson said.

The incident was all caught on camera. In the footage, deputies can be seen chasing after St. Jules. One deputy even drove the wrong way in traffic to track down the thug.

"We ended up getting him inside a parking garage and trapping him there." said Deputy Mitchell Jones.

St. Jules hid from police under a car on the top floor of the Houston Center parking garage. Eventually, deputies arrested him.

Hanh Phu was just getting off of work when she witnessed the incident.

"It was very scary and I saw him chasing toward here and I was already in a defensive position but luckily that didn't happen." she said.

This isn't the first time deputies have seen this type of despicable attack. Back in 2013, Conrad Barrett recorded himself knocking out a 79-year-old man in Katy. He was convicted of a hate crime and was sentenced to six years in federal prison.

St. Jules has been charged with evading arrest and assault. The District Attorney's Office is looking into whether this is also a hate crime.