We're just 93 days from the Super Bowl coming to Houston. It seems like every corner you turn, something new is going on and going up.

From a new hotel with a walkway straight into the George R. Brown Convention Center to a facelift on the ground to control and impress crowds for the big game.

"I think anything that brings something new and unique to Houston is good for everyone,” said Hannah, who lives downtown.

There’s a steady hum of construction to get downtown ready for the party.

"The entire area is going to be kind of Super Bowl central, fan fest," said Barry Mandel with Discovery Green.

City leaders are taking lessons they've learned from past events.

"The crowds always keep me away from stuff in the city,” said Aimie Archibeque, who also lives downtown.

Earlier this year during the Final Four, people stood in long lines and some were even turned away from Discovery Green.

“One is that we had a number of concerts here and it was really kind of the focus,” said Mandel.

This time it's not just Discovery Green in play for entertainment. The Super Bowl Committee is going bigger. Think the size of 13 football fields in downtown.

"We're going to be watching everybody that there's enough room to move, enough room to move safely,” said Mandel.

To give you an idea of the crowds they're prepping for during the Final Four, 165,000 people came through Discovery Green in three days.

For the Super Bowl, the park is expecting 1 million over a 10 day spread, and they are hoping to attract more than just your average football fan.

"I'm not a big football fan, my husband is, but I think we can all share in the excitement that something really momentous is coming to my town,” said Heather.

Discovery Green will also be home to what's called the ‘Wow Factor.’ A sort of exhibit attraction that highlights Houston. Expect an announcement on that coming later this month.