HOUSTON — Within minutes of the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl LI, fans flocked to the J.W. Marriott in the Galleria.

They staked out the intersection of Westheimer and Sage in hopes of spotting members of the team return to their hotel.

“I love you Tom Brady,” said Anaiyah Medina. The 9-year old huddled just beyond Houston Police Department barricades with waves of Pats fans. “Mainly to see Tom Brady. I just had this in my backpack and I brought it out so he could get an autograph.”

She and her seven-year old brother, with the help of their mother Sugei Cardenas, tried and failed to meet Tom Brady earlier in the week.

“At our school we always use these integrity words, and one of them is never give up,” said Medina. “So we always have to try, try again.”

The siblings did meet some other Patriots players, the mascot and the owner of the New England NFL team.

Medina’s brother broke down after day one, “He told me, the first night, he was really upset and he told me I should have tried harder,” said mother Sugei Cardenas.