HOUSTON - The World Series isn’t the only big event happening in downtown Houston. Thousands of people are gathering for a massive event that may be a “World Series” in its own right.

“So this is like the World Series of quilters?,” reporter Jeremy Jojola asked.

“Absolutely! You have people from all over the world today,” one attendee said.

The International Quilt Market is one event leading up to a quilting convention that draws huge crowds.

“This is the first market we’ve ever had that the Astros have been in the playoffs, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Quilting is a multi-billion dollar industry. About $3.7 billion is spent each year by ladies who are, on average, 63 years old.

Baseball was invented in the mid 1800's and at the International Quilting Guild, there are seams just as old – one of the oldest found at the quilting guild was made in the 1840's or 1850's, the owner estimates.

And, just like the brews at the ballpark, fans of quilting enjoy a beer with their activity. They like to throw back some beers before taking part in free-motion quilting, which adds the stitches by freehand design. There are even all-stars at the quilting market.

Excited fans gather around quilting professional Lori Kennedy hoping to get an autograph.

Who knew there would be so many parallels between quilting and baseball? Anne Smith did.

“Quilting and baseball are American. And they’re family, and they’re homey. And they go hand in hand.”