A Woodlands dad reunited with his family Friday after spending more than a year behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

It's a story you heard first earlier this year on KHOU 11 News at 10.

"I thank God, thank God that I live in the United States of America," said Larry Davis, who was found not guilty of drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

Last year, Larry Davis leased out his boat. He ran a fuel trading business with his dad, but when his mom was diagnosed with Leukemia, he decided to focus on things back home.

However, he got called down to the Dominican Republic for a boat inspection, and investigators found 985 kilograms of cocaine on board. Davis was arrested.

Friday night, a crowd of family and friends greeted Davis at Bush Airport and his smile said it all.

"All the people that carried us through, it's good to see them here and Larry needed this," said Stacy Davis, his wife.

From kids carrying signs, to friends from Davis' soccer team, it's the support he says that helped him survive more than a year in Dominican Republic prison.

"There was always a phone call from somebody I didn't expect, I call them small miracles, small miracles from God. He would put something in front of me and say, 'All right, you can keep going,'" Larry Davis said.

It took an army of angels. Prison visits from friends and pressure from politicians.

"Writing letters from everybody to the president of the Dominican Republic to the Ambassador of the United States," said Nathan Beedle, a friend.

After a trial delayed three times, finally came a not guilty verdict on his drug trafficking charge.

"Not only did the judges acquit Larry, but they chastised the prosecution," say Sean Buckley, his attorney.

A panel of three judges ruled there was no evidence and finally, an answered prayer, Larry Davis left a free man.

"I walked out prison yesterday with my head held high with confidence knowing everybody knows the truth now," Larry Davis said.

Larry Davis overcame a lot behind bars. There was a Cholera outbreak. One person died, and at times, it was hard to find clean drinking water. He told us read scripture daily and became diligent about working out. He says he survived by staying positive, even when there was little hope.