KATY, Texas - A Katy woman believes she may have interrupted a rape in the parking lot of a Walmart store.

Police are investigating the alleged assault and are looking for a pickup truck that might be connected.

The store is located just off I-10 at Katy Fort Bend Road.

“I got out of my car, and she was shaking all over, and she was crying,” said Joyce DeAngelis-Eisenberg.

She encountered the alleged victim seconds after pulling into a parking space.

“And the woman said, 'He pulled up my dress and pulled down my underwear!'" DeAngelis-Eisenberg said.

A man in a gray pickup truck sped away just as she arrived.

“I only saw him pull out really fast and then leave,” DeAngelis-Eisenberg said.

DeAngelis-Eisenberg says she was focused mostly on the woman wearing a disheveled sweater dress.

“She was very visibly shaken,” DeAngelis-Eisenberg said.

She later thought the alleged victim could have been seriously hurt.

“If he had a weapon, I was thinking that could have been much worse,” DeAngelis-Eisenberg said. “And it could have been anybody.”

DeAngelis-Eisenberg alerted Katy police and says an officer arrived within minutes to take a report. She then issued a warning via the NextDoor app, syaing, ”PLEASE BE CAREFUL NEIGHBORS.”

At this point, Katy police are not releasing the incident report and say the investigation is ongoing.

An assistant chief tells KHOU 11 News none of the surveillance cameras in the parking lot caught the attack.

They do have the aftermath.

“I have no reason to doubt the woman,” DeAngelis-Eisenberg said. “I mean, she was shaking, she was crying, she was very upset.”

DeAngelis-Eisenberg considers it another lesson to be vigilant no matter where you are.

“Always look at your surroundings and pay attention,” DeAngelis-Eisenberg said.

The identity of the alleged victim has not yet been released.

Meanwhile, Walmart referred all questions to Katy police. Call them if you have any information on this case.