A woman claims a child threw a rock through her windshield on Highway 59 near midtown.

"I couldn't even dial 911 on my phone," said Samantha Saldana. "I could have died."

The accounting manager, wife and mother of two wades through Highway 59 rush hour traffic near Highway 288 twice a day. So she has seen a crash or two.

However, for the first time, Saldana noticed a kid up on the Elgin street overpass throwing rocks Thursday morning. One hit and cracked her windshield.

"It was just like a big boom," she said. "There (were) cars all around me, so I couldn't really move over."

Saldana saw well enough to steer towards the nearest exit, which happened to be near her job. She parked and called 911.

"(I feel) very, very lucky," she said.

Houston Police officers searched but never found the rock thrower.

Saldana's car needs $200 worth of repairs. Still, the worst damage is the fright she feels. Saldana worries it could happen again.

"I hope they catch that kid because it's not a game," she said.