HOUSTON - Two women say they feel lucky to be alive after something smashed through their windshield Friday morning.

"It sounded like an explosion," said Toni Lawrence, who was driving at the time. "It scared me to death."

Lawrence and her neighbor, Elly Pollock, later learned it was a hook that's used to keep the straps down on an 18-wheeler.

"I knew it was something heavy," Pollock said. "At first I thought it was concrete or a rock of some sort because I remember seeing an object. I just didn't know what it was."

Pollock and Lawrence, who are neighbors in the Cloverleaf area, were headed down south on the Beltway when it happened.

They were in for a day of fun in Alvin when just over the Ship Channel, the hook came flying off a north bound truck.

"It came in directly on my side--the passenger side," Pollock said. "It came through, hit me and that's when I yelled out and it went into the backseat. It wasn't until it hit my shoulder that I realized we're in trouble."

Lawrence pulled off at the next exit on the Beltway in the area of 225 and called for help.

Pollock had a two inch gash in her elbow but after x-rays and six hours in the hospital, amazingly doctors didn't find any broken bones.

"I just thank God that we both came out alive--that was the first thing I did," Pollock said. "I thanked God. I guess it wasn't our time yet."

Lawrence's car is in the shop now. Both praised the response of Pasadena Police and both also want to send a message as well.

"I don't want to do that ever again and people please be careful," Lawrence said. "These truck drivers need to be more attentive to their trucks to see what's going on with them. If there's something loose, fix it. Don't leave it to somebody else to get hurt."

Lawrence and Pollock said they were not able to see any information about the truck company.

They said they feel fortunate, namely because a truck driver told them there are two parts to that hook. If both parts had hit them, likely they'd both be dead.