An Air Force veteran and former military police officer says she was attacked at a Target store by an irate customer over a video game system.

The woman went to the Target store on FM 2920 in Tomball to buy the Nintendo NES Classic Edition for her teen daughter. When she got the last one, she says another customer became irate.

"When she saw she wasn't going to get one, she took it out on me," said the mother, who asked us not to use her name.

The angry lady apparently became violent. The victim says the woman started to push her and attempted to knock her out of line at the electronics counter.

"She just pulled her leg up and stomped on my foot," the victim said. "Then she tells me, 'I have a gun.'"

Employees called police. The woman left before officers arrived.

The Nintendo CES Classic Edition is one of the most coveted toys this Christmas. It retails for around $60 but is being sold online for hundreds of dollars because stores can't keep it in stock.

Despite the threat, the mom was able to purchase her Nintedno. She says she'll think twice again before looking for another "hot" toy.

"I definitely won't be going in stores again looking for the hot toys," she said. "There nothing that hot for me to go into stores again after today."