Imagine this feeling: You're out on a bear hunt in Alaska only to realize Grizzlies surround you and they're closing in. Suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted! That's how the Hurricane Hunters at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi feel right now. The United States Air Force's 53rd Weather Recon Squadron, known as the, "Hurricane Hunters", realized Tropical Storm Nate was coming right for them and that they needed to move their planes, to avoid potential damage.

My choice to use 'bears' as the analogy may have been more of an excuse to borrow a Gary Larson cartoon, from his, "The Far Side" comic. He's now retired, but I remain a fan and try to buy his daily comic calendar book each year. -Brooks

As you may know, these crews (just like their counterparts at NOAA) are nothing but brave. They aim their aircraft right into the heart of the worst tropical systems to gather weather data. But just as a fishing boat is safer going out to sea as a hurricane approaches rather than risking it in port, they had to take off. Unlike a boat, they can't be in the air the whole time so they needed to find a home-base safe from the future hurricane. They chose Houston. (That should be reassuring, if you were worried Nate may hit us.)

For a few days, we can proudly claim that we (Ellington Airport) are the hub for the USAF's Hurricane Hunters! If you see a low-flying C-130 taking off and gaining altitude over the Baybrook area as it heads out to the Gulf, you know who they are and where they're going. They'll continue to launch their missions into Nate until it makes landfall tomorrow night.

Here's their official press release.

Here's the latest on Nate.

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner, KHOU 11 News. (2017)