HOUSTON - Some Houston couples had a lot to celebrate this weekend - they got married at the same time that the Astros clinched a World Series spot.

One of those couples was Ian and Pauline Ossakow, who live in Sugar Land. They exchanged vows in San Antonio on Saturday.

The Astros fans say they were well aware that guests were streaming the big game on the phones at their dinner tables.

Videos on Snapchat show the wedding doubling as an MLB watch party.

“We always knew when they scored, that’s for sure,” said Pauline. When the Astros won, the newlyweds proudly sported the home team’s ball caps during their wedding reception.

The Ossakows say going to the World Series was the icing on their wedding cake.

“Best night of our lives, for sure,” they said. Ian added, “We’ll never have a problem remembering the anniversary!”