Have you noticed a lot of brown lawns in your neighborhood? It may not be because of the Texas heat.

Little worms, called tropical sod webworms, are wreaking havoc on grass all over our area.

“You see the moths flying around and they’re dropping a lot of eggs. Then the eggs hatch out into larva that eat up all the green areas of your lawn,” said Skip Richter with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service.

The moths are clearly visible all over a neighborhood in northwest Houston.

Richter said Houston is seeing one of the worst outbreaks in years right now.

“This has been really unique, because of a mild winter that we had and perhaps the rainy spring had a place in it as well,” he said.

Richter told KHOU 11 News that despite the fact that the lawns look dead, the grass is actually still green.

If you’re willing to wait it out, webworms die in the winter.

Richter said treating the moths won’t help the problem. However, insecticides will kill help kill larva.

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