HOUSTON – It may have been all sunshine last week, but for the last few days, temperatures have dropped, making it feel more seasonal here in Houston.

But it’s also been raining quite a bit, forcing people to deal with the elements, including on Thursday.

“It’s very up and down, down here (Houston),” said Patrick Terrell, who drove into work 30 minutes early to fight the traffic.

Kids could be seen bundled up heading to school.

“It hasn’t been this cold in a while,” 10-year-old Stine Karlsen said.

Some folks preferred a hot cup of coffee and cocoa like Jennie Lucksinger.

“Keeps me warm for sure,” said Lucksinger.

Ever since a cold front moved through the city earlier this week, people are doing what they can to stay warm, layering up and putting on heavy coats.

“I woke up this morning looked outside and said, yeah, it’s that time,” said Terrell.

From umbrellas to raincoats, others working hard to stay dry.

“I would suggest bundle up, and try to wear something that’s waterproof,” said Justin Intriago.

Intriago was walking to work in the rain. He doesn’t mind the chill, but he said the rain he could do without.

“Let’s get it over with, because of Harvey and everything, we got a lot of rain then, so seeing rain for days isn’t really a good sign anymore,” he said.

Some drivers were dreading the road conditions.

“Traffic is always horrendous when it rains, even a drop,” said Lucksinger.

Good news is the rain is set to let up soon, but there’s another surprise Mother Nature has in store for those living in Houston and the surrounding communities.

The Greater Houston area could see some sleet, and possible flurries late Thursday night, into early Friday morning.