From the KHOU 11 weather center, this is a snuggle alert!

You've prayed, begged and pleaded for cooler weather and now you will reap what you've sewed. The chilliest temperatures of the year are on the way for this weekend as more gorgeous weather sets in.

The coolest temperature so far officially in Houston is 58 degrees set back on September 30th. If the latest model projections are right, we'll best that by some six to eight degrees with places such as Conroe and Huntsville dropping into the upper 40s.

Provided by the National Weather Service, Houston

Do you see the yellow box around Monday? That is a forecast low of 50 degrees at Bush-Intercontinental. No, your eyes don't deceive you. Keep in mind that that forecast is still some six days away so there will certainly be fluctuations both up and down.

The average first 40s for Houston are October 18th and if we see 40s at IAH, which we are not expecting at this time, we'll be about two weeks early but still within the realm of normal. Our record lows for the first and second week of October are all in the low 40s.

As the front comes through on Friday evening, expect just a slight chance of a shower or two before drier, cooler air welcomes us on Saturday. Looking ahead at the next 16 days, you can just about expect a cold front now once a week.

The days of sweltrting hot weather are nothing more than a bad dream at this point. Enjoy it while it lasts.