Some love it. Some hate it. It can be controversial at times and frankly it's the talk of the town -- it's not the debate I'm referring to but the weather and the coolest temperatures of the season yet!

As some of you stumbled out to get the paper from the driveway this morning, you probably didn't need the neighbors to tell you to close your robe this time. Temperatures as low as 45 degrees were observed in the Houston area with several other locations reporting upper 40s.

For those that love the freshness of a chilly airmass the glory will be but for a moment. Temperatures are once again expected to move back to near 90 degrees most of this week with overnight lows back to near 70.

Looking into the extended range, I don't see any major cold fronts on the map until possibly October 21st as seen below.

Before you get excited, this is a single model run that is way out into the future with no support from other models. While climatology says it's favorable for it to happen, it's still a long ways out into ''La-la land" so we'll continue to watch for it and hope like the dickens.