There's something about this date in the Houston area being ubiquitous with bad weather -- usually floods. The worst rains seem to come in springtime, as fronts stall. They draw-in Gulf moisture and squeeze it right back out. This can happen in the fall too. With our location on the water, we also flood from tropical systems. Allison in 2001 was the mother of all floods for Houston in recent history, making most roads impassible for days with 28.5" falling at Greens Bayou in NE Harris County in just 12 hours!


  • 4/18/2017 - Danbury, TX (near Angleton) 11"+ of rain; near Santa Fe, TX, 10"+
  • 4/18/2016 - "Tax Day Floods of 2016." 23.5" in Waller Co. in just 12 hours.
  • 4/18/2015 - 80mph winds in a thunderstorm in southern Brazoria County.
  • 4/18/2009 - Nearly 7" fell IN ONE HOUR at Bay Area Blvd & Clear Creek
    (8-10" fell elsewhere in Harris/Galveston Counties that day.)
  • 4/18/1996 - EF-3 tornado slammed Lake Jackson. By luck, no injuries
  • 4/18/1979 - 15"+ of rain in 24 hours in Conroe. Parts of Harris saw nearly that.
Speaking of 1979: Tropical Storm Claudette dumped 43" of rain in 24 hours over Alvin on July 25th. WOW! That set an all time US record for 24hr rainfall, second only to a flood on a tiny island off Madagascar.
Since the start of our city and well before, the lowlands adjacent to the Bay and the Gulf (we today know as, "Houston") have flooded. This photo is from 1935.

Back to Houston: Since 1837, since such records have been kept, we've seen 174 flood events. That's roughly 1 major flood per year, if you average it out over the last 180 years.

Tap here to learn why floods are especially hard to forecast!

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner