This week marks a huge, "weather anniversary" in Houston, when on November 21, 1992, a massive F-4 twister slammed Channelview, on the east side of the metro region, leveling over 200 homes and damaging a thousand others. This is the time of year such things can happen. The mile wide vortex skipped across the landscape, covering some 30 miles. Amazingly no one died -- though 15 were injured. At one point it's estimated that there were three twisters on the ground at the same time in Harris County.

Tomorrow morning's storm threat will not resemble 1992, but a few could be severe.

Threats tomorrow pre-dawn until 10am, in order of likelihood:

  • Damaging straight-line (non tornado) wind gusts
  • Small Hail
  • One or two brief/weak tornadoes far north of Houston.

Beyond tomorrow, we are in the midst of the most active storm pattern we've seen in months. It will last through early December. Every few days a storm system will push through, bringing brief rain and storms. The jet stream will become more active, producing vigorous disturbances. When frigid winter air collides with our warm Gulf air, the fireworks will begin.

Active jet stream means severe storm potential. Orange shows winds at 30,000 feet around 150 mph.
Jet stream winds are forecast by the forecast models to roar over the region in the weeks to come. This will lead to severe weather.

Make sure KHOU 11 weather becomes part of your routine. We won't waste your time and we will actively track when the worst weather could blow in, providing you a real world heads-up.Happy Thanksgiving!-Brooks Garner, Meteorologist
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Meteorologist Brooks Garner