TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas -- Winter time is normally the slow season for area boat rental shops, but the unusually warm weather seems to be pumping up business on Lake Travis.

The owner Daybreak Boat Rentals said 2016 was one of his best years and Mother Nature deserves at least some of the credit.

During previous January's, Jamie Hanley spent his days at Daybreak Boat Rentals searching for tasks.

"I did lots of maintenance work, take the boats out of the water, re-carpet or re-vinyl or engine work."

But for about a week Hanley's been very busy bouncing back and forth, renting boats to groups and reeling them into the dock.

Akshay Patil was part of a group of 10, many from out of town.

"A few of my friends here are from Detroit, a few are from Wisconsin, so they are like, 'damn it's really awesome over here in the month of January, you have good weather.'"

But this clear water full of fish under sunny skies isn't the norm.

The lake is nearly 57 feet higher than it was just two years ago in January 2015.

"The cars would park right where we're at floating," said Hanley.

He said he prefers the warm winters, and so do those who've never been on the lake this early in the year.

Amber Clarke just moved to Austin from Boston. She went out on the lake with a group of friends on Monday. She imagines her friends back east are shoveling snow instead.

"I definitely did a lot of Facebook posting, make them all jealous," she said.

Lake Travis is nearly 15 feet above its January average, so if we can stay on the warm side Hanley expects he'll be busy for awhile.