HOUSTON - A wrong-way driver crashed head-on into another driver on the West Loop, and it was caught on Houston TranStar cameras.

Shortly before 4:30 a.m. Tuesday police were alerted to an older Ford Mustang traveling southbound in the northbound lanes not far from Memorial Drive. Freeway cameras showed several drivers swerving to avoid the wrong-way driver. Police followed along from the southbound lanes of the freeway.

Eventually the driver's luck ran out, and he slammed into another vehicle near Bellaire.

Witness Edgard Ortiz shared video of his efforts to try and stop the wrong-way driver shortly before the collision. He flashed his lights and yelled to no avail.

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Ortiz says the driver who was hit appeared to be okay. The wrong-way driver had a bloodied face but was alert and talking to police as he was placed in an ambulance.

Police believe the man was intoxicated.

WATCH: Witness tries to stop driver

The freeway's northbound lanes were shut down for about an hour as police investigated the incident. The road has since fully reopened, however.

Police have not confirmed if the offending driver will face charges for the wreck.

PHOTOS: Wrong-way crash on West Loop