SUGAR LAND, Texas -- Tensions boiled over inside Sur La Table at Sugar Land's Town Square after a Muslim family claimed a man called them a "bunch of terrorists."

Part of the incident was captured on cell phone video.

"I was just walking to the car with my family, and for him to walk by and say, 'You're a bunch of terrorists,' I can't fathom how someone could say that type of assessment," Shifa Abuzaid said.

The man's face has been blurred out because he hasn't been charged with a crime, but the encounter left a lasting mark on 21-year-old Abuzaid. She was the only one in the family wearing a hijab and claims this was a clear case of Islamophobia.

"I was honestly disgusted and very hurt," Abuzaid said.

Abuzaid says the man didn't apologize and only taunted her family even more. Eventually Sur La Table management asked him to leave and called security and Sugar Land Police to assist Abuzaid's family. When Abuzaid got home, she posted her experience on Facebook. Thirt- six hours later, it's gone viral.

"I've gotten responses from all over the globe people saying this happens in my community too," Abuzaid said. "They're saying, 'I wish I would have done something like you did.'"

She never got the man's name, and that's why she's speaking out now. She hopes he's watching.

"I would love for him to just come forward and let's have a conversation. Why did you call me a terrorist? What made you so afraid of a 21-year-old girl?" Abuzaid said. "If you just walk up to a Muslim and get to know a Muslim, you'd be surprised you have a lot in common."