A cell phone camera caught vandals accused of spray-painting an SUV and slashing its tires in a Houston Zoo guest parking lot.

The victim, Deonndray Berry, 22, blames an angry ex-girlfriend and her friend.

KHOU 11 News did not name or show the women’s faces because they have not been charged.

The video shows two women hovering near Berry’s vandalized white Dodge Durango. Vandals used red spray paint on the doors and black paint on the windshield and mirrors. They slashed all four tires, too. Berry recognized the women seen in the video.

“That’s my ex-girlfriend right there, and that’s her best friend,” Berry said.

Berry is saving to enroll in classes at Houston Community College. He rode Metro buses back and forth to his two jobs until Feb. 1. Near West Orem and White Heather Drive, gunfire shattered a window on a bus carrying Berry and other passengers, he said. He no longer feels safe on buses.

“I was like, hey, I (have to) get (myself) a vehicle and grind even harder,” Berry said.

So he blew off a Spring Break trip to Louisiana casinos with friends. Berry worked 108 hours instead. He earned enough money to buy his SUV with cash.

Weeks later, Berry fell for a woman he met at a gas station. Her beauty charmed him. However, they quickly clashed.

“One time she tried to hit me with a car,” he said.

One day after breaking up, Berry found his car tagged with a note from a stranger claiming to have video of the crime. Berry’s mom shared it on Facebook. Her post has more than 6,200 views.

Houston Police told KHOU 11 News Berry reported the crime to their officers. While investigators did not name suspects, Berry has no doubt about who is responsible.

He said the crime taught him a painful, $2,000 lesson.

“Beauty isn’t everything,” Berry said. “Beauty can hold in a beast, too.”