MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas- In this story, the troubled water wasn’t the problem, it was more about the bridge itself.

Sherry Lilley, 70, is a retired veteran who like many lives on a fixed income. He paid a contractor $5900 to repair his bridge. But the contractor took the money, and didn’t do the job.

“He kept coming up here and telling me that he’s got material on the way, and that he’s got material on the truck to fix my bridge.” Lilley said.

The bridge was so bad, Lilley said a nurse who came to his home to conduct a physical had to carry out the exam under a tree.

The rural wrongdoing got attention after a 911 call. Emergency workers couldn’t get to him and had to use an ATV to just get him to an ambulance.

After that, neighbors stepped in. Montgomery County Police Reporter Scott Engle rallied support from Judge James Metts and Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden. The group found contractors with heavy equipment who donated time and labor to replace the broken bridge.

Lilley said, “Those beams that they just put down there. It will hold a mac truck”

Now, to completely right this wrong, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help Lilley recover the money he was scammed out of.