HOUSTON - The KHOU Verify fact checkers were hard at work throughout election day, answering questions and looking into problems and concerns at the polls.

One concerned voter asked why some people’s ID were being swiped at the West Gray polling location.

We fact checked the claim and learned that ID readers were used during early voting at West Gray – to sort out the large number of voters coming from all over the county – and stayed after early voting but only to find the correct polling location for misinformed voters.

West Gray is one of the busiest early voting locations in the county, and during early voting, anyone can vote there. On election day, however, voters can only vote at their home precinct, but several voters still show up at West Gray, thinking it was their election day voting location, said county clerk spokesman Hector de Leon.

When that happened on election day, poll workers swiped their ID through the ID reader to find their correct location. The reader was not used to check in voters, as some might have suspected. However, the county hopes to switch to electronic voter rolls in the future.

Another voter complained that his mail-in ballot was mailed on Nov. 1, the same day that the county clerk recommended mailing the ballot back in.

We fact checked the issue and learned that although a note with the ballot recommended that the ballot be mailed by Nov. 1, that was just a recommendation. The ballot simply needed to make it to the clerk by election day.

In addition, the voter applied for a mail-in ballot on Oct. 24, near the deadline, and did not experience a long processing time. He expressed mailed his ballot.

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