Within hours of the massacre, information about the shooter spread on social media like wildfire.

One of the reports says the gunman was an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war. Our Verify Team decided to take a closer look at those claims.

  • The original article came from a fake new site. "Your-news-wire" has a track record of promoting false information and 40,00 people follow them on social media.
  • The Facebook page they're using to spread the news about Devin Kelley is a mock up. The owners of one of the photos they used even called them out.
  • Antifa United says the image was taken directly from their website.
  • The only official image of Kelley released by authorities was his driver’s license photo.

In conclusion, we can verify law enforcement has not confirmed any of those details. They believe the attack was likely motivated by a family fight, not a broader movement.


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