The Texas Game Warden sent out a tweet saying that a shark was not caught in Lewisville Lake, despite a fake news article that began circulating on Friday. Lake-goers told WFAA they saw the fake news story but figured out right away that it was probably fake.

The story claimed that a 62-year-old fisherman caught a shark in Lewisville Lake. The article included a picture of a little girl posing with a shark. It also said that a warning was posted at Grapevine Lake.

The story and "details" are fake, but the little girl seen on the picture is real and so is the shark.

"That's our grand daughter Savannah," Christy Henderson of Maryland told WFAA.

The picture was taken at Buzz's Marina in Maryland back in August of 2013.
Fishermen really did catch two large bull sharks near the mouth of the Potomac River.

"I find it bizarre that this many years later, here we go again," Henderson said of the picture's newfound popularity.

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Texas Game Warden
Christy Henderson, original photo source


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