In the wake of the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting, fake news stories and false information started circulating everywhere on social media.

Our Verify Team waded through the posts to track down the truth, below are two examples of posts that are FALSE.

There were reports on social media claiming the gunman had been identified as Sam Hydelberg.

  • Unfortunately, this one is pretty common after tragedies like this one.
  • Sam Hyde is actually a comedian.
  • Sam Hyde is the shooter’ is a meme that has circulated in the wake of incidents like the San Bernardino shooting and the London terror attacks.

Also circulating on social media are photos of people that relatives claim are missing in Las Vegas.

  • For example, one claims the teen in the photo is his brother who hasn't answered his phone since the shooting.

But when you do a reverse image search, it turns out the young man is actually a food blogger who goes by the handle ‘Reviewbrah.’


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