It's almost Mother's Day, and that means a lot of us are looking for a deal on a great gift for mom. But can you trust those deals you see on Facebook?

Several KHOU 11 viewers reached out to our Verify Team, asking if the coupons they see on social media are real.

For example, a coupon allegedly from Bed Bath and Beyond is offering $75 off for Mother's Day. But it is legitimate?

Our Verify Team took a closer look, and this coupon is FAKE.

Bed Bath and Beyond posted on their Facebook page that it isn’t real. The company wrote they are working with Facebook to get the coupons removed from the site.

So, how can you tell if a deal is too good to be true?

Our team reached out to Rebecca Lehmann. She is the manager at, a site that specializes in finding the best coupons and discounts online.

She said these fake coupons seem to appear around shopping holidays like Mother's Day or Black Friday. Below are some tips she shared:

  • To spot a fake coupon, she says look at who shared it. If it's not someone you actually know on Facebook, it's probably questionable.
  • Also, if you need to hand over personal information to get the coupon then it's a red flag. Sometimes these fake coupons are used by hackers to get your details.
  • And check the retailers Facebook page, if you don't see the deal you received then send them a direct message to ask if it's real.

In conclusion, we can verify this alleged Bed Bath & Beyond coupon is fake.There are also a lot of other fakes out there. So before you become a victim, use your common sense and check to make sure it's real.

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