A photo on social media has been getting a lot of attention but KHOU 11 viewers wonder if the claim it makes is true.

The photo claims the American Health Care Act included an exemption for members of Congress and their staff from being charged more for pre-existing conditions.

KHOU 11 Verify fact-checkers took a closer look and found that an amendment to the bill exempts lawmakers and their staff from being put in a high-risk pool for people with pre-existing conditions.

However, they also found that a separate bill put forward by a congresswoman from Arizona eliminated that exemption and that second bill was overwhelmingly approved by the House.

So there is a nugget of truth to the claim made on Facebook, but we can verify Congress members and their staff will be subject to the same health care rules as the rest of the American public.


McArthur Amendment

McSally Exemption Draft


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