Our Verify team is tackling an Instagram post that seems to be everywhere.

Have you seen this post of a woman lounging by the pool in a red swimsuit? Turns out, it’s part of a promotion for a swimwear company called Sunny Co. Clothing.

The company posted the image on Instagram Tuesday, stating anyone who re-posts the photo and tags the company gets one free bathing suit.

So is it the real deal? Our Verify researchers reached out to Sunny Co. Clothing Thursday, and so far, they haven’t returned our messages. However, our researchers did find some things that make the offer look legitimate.

First, after the post went viral, the company changed the rules to include the right to cap the promotion if necessary. Sunny Co. Clothing’s website is also out of every single bathing suit they offer.

So, we can verify it looks like the promotion worked a little too well.

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Article from WKYC, KHOU's sister station in Cleveland, Ohio


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